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Nafukovadlo Jobe Chair
73,50 €
Nafukovací gauč na vodu.
Nafukovadlo Jobe Rumble 1P
105,90 €
Let’s get ready to ruuuhhmble!!! Get it ON with the 1-person Rumble towable!
Nafukovadlo Jobe Crusher 1P
122,90 €
Go CRUSH it out there and go totally tubular on the 1-person Crusher!
Nafukovadlo Jobe Hydra 1P
122,90 €
This tube is made from strong PVC covered with 420D nylon. Its handles let you hold on strong whe...
Nafukovadlo Jobe Hotseat 1P
172,50 €
You’re on FIRE on this thing! The Hotseat is one of the fastest, but definetely the strongest 1-p...
Nafukovadlo Jobe Tribal II 2P
221,50 €
The Tribal features a full neoprene covered airfloor. Super easy re-entry!
Nafukovadlo Jobe Roamer 1P
297,50 €
Take a day off and enjoy your ride on this single person Roamer.
Nafukovadlo Jobe Air-a-dise 5P
417,90 €
Jobe’s non-towable inflatable island has 5 super comfy mesh seats and an easy boarding platform. ...
Nafukovadlo Jobe Lunar 3P
639,50 €
Get loony with the Lunar! This 3-person tube has two towpoints for endless fun, no matter which w...
Nafukovadlo Liquid Force Couch Surfer...
394,90 €
Great Fun for 3 friends! Only the TV is missing.
Liquid Force Party Sectional Inflatab...
404,50 €
403,90 €
Vodní sedátko Liquid Force, které se hodí na každou vodní party. Staší si do něj sednout a budete...
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